How to teach toddlers

  2018/07/10     Melina Gurung

1. Start young. From the time your child can grasp an object, you can teach sharing by passing the object back and forth while saying “my turn, your turn.” Mann says, “Learning how to take turns is the first step in s

"Aggressive competition will surely lead to the destruction"

  2018/07/10     Gourav Thami

Now to all so call powerful countries saying “We are good enough in Weapon” Just thinks what if our planet is going to be attacked by Alien or others extra terrestrial living beings. We must be prepared for that rather than competing among

Education System of Nepal

  2018/04/11     Rakesh Gurung

thousands of people, live in temples, and retire only when they grow up. The country where all this is possible is the beautiful and mysterious Nepal.

Education Issues in Nepal

Despite its rich and exciting culture, Nepal is the c


  2018/04/11     Sagar Thapa

Laxmi Prasad Devkota was a famous Nepali poet. He is one of the most reknowned names in the Nepali Litrature. He is the greatest poet of Nepal. He has been given the title of Maha Kavi. Devkota was born on the November 12,1990. He was born on the night