2018/04/11     Sagar Thapa

Laxmi Prasad Devkota was a famous Nepali poet. He is one of the most reknowned names in the Nepali Litrature. He is the greatest poet of Nepal. He has been given the title of Maha Kavi. Devkota was born on the November 12,1990. He was born on the night of  Laxmi  Pooja. Seeing this as an omen, the parents of  Devkota named him after the goddess laxmi. Devkota was the first to begin writing epics poems in Nepali Literature. He has written great works in Nepali Language. He is the best known for the poem “Muna Madan”. It is a long narrative poem in popular tune. Devkota had the ability to compose long epic poems within very short period of time. He wrote his first epic, Shakuntala, in three months. He wrote his second epic. Sulochana in ten days. Both the epics are considered among the best worsks of Nepalese Literature.

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