"Aggressive competition will surely lead to the destruction"

  2018/07/10     Gourav Thami

Now to all so call powerful countries saying “We are good enough in Weapon” Just thinks what if our planet is going to be attacked by Alien or others extra terrestrial living beings. We must be prepared for that rather than competing among the nations of same planet. It is superior to negotiate among the country rather than entering into unjust war. My body begins to tremble and when I put my hand in my temple I feel the rapid pulse, the time when, my ear is strike by very sad news of missile test, testing by many ‘so calls powerful countries. Recently I got to know about the missile test done by North Korea. I came to know, it was five times more powerful than the bomb which was drop in Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan (via Internet). This is a serious problem in today’s context. There is no doubt in saying that missile which is being tested is inspiring to develop more and more powerful missile among the nations.


                                    Right now is the time for all 'so call powerful countries to minimize their egos and focus on strengthening the diplomatic relationship among them. We all are meant to solve the problems that we already have, instead of creating some more problem out there. Once again I repeat war is not a good things, it will severely affect the mankind of others peaceful nations too because of different harmful radiation. It won’t do well to anyone in any aspects. This is a serious matter that everybody should know but we all are facebook heroes and heroine supporting the nonsense idea being delivered by cheap countries. Instead of it, we must try to stop from being happening no matter what we are supposed to do; even our small attempt can calm down the egos of so call powerful countries and can reflect the grin in an innocent citizen. Recently North Korea has tested the powerful missile and now no doubt USA including other nations will definitely devote their time to make powerful missile than North Korea. In the course of testing the missile there will be serious effect in the geography of the earth but no one is conscious about this fact. Most of the geologists have claimed about the weak land structure which is being resulted by testing different weapons. Now what I want to say is, take it personally, take it like it is your mission in life to stop the war between the nations, for this we have to be able to make the sacrifices, when I say sacrifices to stop the war it include all types of sacrifices from financial to family. At least we can protest against the leader of our own countries (war victims) because the power of people is so much stronger than the people in power. Let’s make a noise “SAY NO TO WAR”



Note: I haven’t mentioned powerful countries anywhere rather I have put “so call powerful countries”. In fact they are not powerful, they are already been destroyed by their egos which has turned themselves into powerless. If they enter into war then they will be pushed back for a decades, that’s for sure.






Article by: Gourav Thami

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